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Poised among the Mediterranean and the Mitteleuropa, crossroads of civilizations and seat of shiny cultural and literary lifestyles, Trieste is now stated as having fun with unrivalled cultural prestige among Italian towns. This quantity, the 1st complete research of Triestine literature in English, initially reassesses Trieste+?s literary identification, paying specific realization to the interval among 1918 and 1954 while neighborhood writing turned intensely conscious of its neighborhood specificity and a few of its vital motifs got here prominently to the fore. Trieste+?s singular border identification, reflected in a variegated literary output, emerges the following as weighted down with complexities and ambiguities, similar to the debatable idea of triestinita, the ambiguous relation with nationalism, particularly in its Fascist inflection, and the anxieties generated via repeated re-definitions of the area+?s old borders.

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After a historical reassessment of Triestine literature in Sections 1 and 2, triestinitd will be analysed in Section 3 with a view to exploding the concept from within by pointing to its endogamous circularity (Section 4), and its autobiographical and insular implications (Section 5). The aim is to disclose some of the mechanisms whereby triestinitd functions. The latter may well be a cultural artefact, but its enormous impact both in Trieste and in the rest of Italy commands consideration and careful reassessment.

The city itself began to be perceived in terms of literary output, becoming a frame of mind, an unqualified extension of the ego. Hence the frequent use of personification, usually displaying the traits of family figures, particularly mothers, which characterizes many Triestine authors, including its most renowned Umberto Saba, Biagio Marin and Giani Stuparich. 14 A literary example will help exemplify the contradictory and elusive nature of Triestine literature outlined above: Lo stadio di Wimbledon (1983), a novel by Daniele Del Giudice.

47. 12. Pietro Spirito, 'Trieste: paesaggi della nuova narrativa', in Trieste: paesaggi delta nuova narrativa (Florence: Stazione di Posta; Trieste: Lint, 1997), pp. 7-24 (p. 7). 13. In the 1960s, for instance, the novelist Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini, while denying the existence of a Triestine school of writers, still singled out a peculiarity of tone not to be found elsewhere in Italy and attributed his own success as a writer to his own alleged role as transitional author between Italy and a 'serio, elevato e amabile' literary climate of the Mitteleuropa.

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