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In their doctrine, they regard ¤Alıˆ as divine. They also believe that they started as lights that were imprisoned in human forms and condemned to cycles of reincarnation, out of which only the elect can escape. In each epoch there is a trio of divine beings, ¤Alıˆ, Muhammad, and Salmaˆn ˙ al-Faˆrisıˆ being this epoch’s trio. They appear, however, hidden, and it is the duty of the believer to recognize the trio and escape the cycle of reincarnation. Because Jesus was an earlier manifestation, some ¤Alawiyyah celebrate Christmas.

At the core of Islamic understanding of Allaˆh, however, is the fact that God is a mystery, approachable but ultimately unknowable by humans. ˆ hu 'akbar Alla See takbıˆr. ) Alla An invocation of Allaˆh found in old Arabic texts. All-India Muslim League A movement derived from the modernist Aligarh movement in 1906, it developed into the movement that resulted in the creation of Pakistan under the leadership of Muhammad ¤Alıˆ Jinnah. After the creation˙ of the state in 1947, it became one of several political parties in Pakistan.

In North Africa the fast is broken by eating special dishes of fried cakes and flat bread. It is also a day to give charity for educational institutions. It is also a day of mourning for Shıˆ¤ıˆ as the anniversary of the martyrdom of Husayn at Karbalaˆ'. Both the ˙ the structure indicate a name and historic relation to the Jewish fast of the Day of Atonement. ˆ siyah A The name of the wife of Fir¤awn (Pharaoh) in the commentaries on the Qur'aˆn. She is a true believer, saves Muˆsaˆ, and generally functions in the same manner as Pharaoh’s daughter in the biblical story of Moses.

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