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By Timothy Buck

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A Concise German Grammar goals to equip undergraduates with a accomplished but compact account of German grammar. This publication is obvious and available and comprises many energetic examples of recent German utilization. it truly is a vital and priceless reference for college kids of German, from senior secondary tuition during to the tip of college reviews and past.

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YOU (fAMILIAR FORM) NOM . ACe. GEN. OAT. lRO PERS. HE/SHE/IT M"'Se. FEM. NEUT. , kh mich du o. sie dich ihn sie m einer mir deiner seiner ihre r dir ihm ihr seiner ihm SINGULAR AND PLURAL Sie you NOM. Sie ACe. Sie G,". Ihrer OAT . Ihnen PLURAL 1ST PERS. RS. YOU 3RD PERS. THEY (FAMILIAR FORM) NOM. w ir ihr ACe. un> unser un> euch e uer GEN. OAT. euch sie sie ihrer Ihnen Non: The genitive forms are relatively rare, occurring chiefly with verbs and adjectives that govern the genitive, The familiar 2nd person pronouns du and ihr are used when addressing relatives, close friends, one's peers (among certain groups such as workmen), children, animals, God (Du), and (in poetry) personified inanimate objects; PRONOUNS 43 the reader of a book, advertisement, etc.

The overuse of l eute in German, where man would be appropriate, is very (haraderisti( of English leamen' German' (Martin Durrell). PRONOUNS 49 These pronouns are indeclinable and occur in the nominative and accusative, and after prepositions. g. etwas (frische) M ilch some (fresh) milk; or it may be an adverb meaning somewhat. (iv) viel much, (ei n) wenig (a) little These pronouns are indeclinable in the singular, but decline in the plural: viele many, wenige few. ) (v) aUes everything, 01/ and (plural) aile 01/, everyone: NOM.

G. der K6nIg/Pr~5ident von ... rM ~r 01 ... (but de< Prj~t der Verelnlgten Staa ten) . The article i~ optioNl in (Mr) Irak Iraq. (der) Iran In:m, (der) Jemen y~. NOUNS 41 Duverture zu Wagners " Fliegendem Hollander" the overture to Wagner's 'Flying Dutchman'. g. g. das Engli5che/ Deutsche); other languages such as (das) Hindi Hindi, (das) Suaheli Swahili, (das) Haussa Hausa, also (das) Espe ranto Esperanto have a single name only. g. Deutsch sprechen to speak German, gut! g. gutes Deutsch good German, das amerikanische Englisch American English, luthers Deutsch Luther's German, das Kaufmannsdeutsch commercial German, im heutigen Deutsch in present-day German.

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