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See the discussion in Marlett (2008c). 67 See Marlett (2006) for a very brief introduction. 48 1: Introduction should stop speaking their own language. The Seris have always been proud to put on display those outsiders who have made some advances in learning the language, and outsiders are encouraged to learn and use the language. 3 Use of the language Communication between members of the Seri community is almost always in Seri, in all domains with two major exceptions. One of these is the formal school system, in which materials and instruction is almost universally in Spanish.

26 Far less prominent dialect differences exist today and these partly may be a carry-over from the earlier major groups, or to the fact that people come from different ihiizitim (homeland areas) in the immediate area. As hunter-gatherers, they were often quite dispersed. Older people today still remark that this word or that, or this pronunciation or that, is because it is a Tiburon Island word or one used by a person from the group of Xiica Xnaai iicp Coii. 6). 2), including Spanish and neighboring Uto-Aztecan languages, so far as one is able to determine, although it is beyond knowing at this point what influence there may have been in the more remote past from other languages of the general area.

11 See the detailed history of this island presented in Bowen (2000). 12 Bowen (1983:231). 13 In fact, Seri-looking names that appear on various maps of the past are without exception inventions by nonSeris even when they have used Seri words. The name Sierra Kunkaak, for example, appears on some maps as the name of a mountain range on Tiburon Island. The word Kunkaak is a popular amateur representation of the Seri people’s autonym (see note 42 in this chapter), but that name does not appear in any place name that the Seris themselves use.

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