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By Laurence R. Horn

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This booklet bargains a distinct synthesis of previous and present paintings at the constitution, which means, and use of negation and detrimental expressions, an issue that has engaged thinkers from Aristotle and the Buddha to Freud and Chomsky. Horn's masterful research melds a evaluation of scholarship in philosophy, psychology, and linguistics with unique examine, offering a whole photo of negation in traditional language and idea; this new version provides a finished preface and bibliography, surveying learn because the book's unique ebook.

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25 But whatever formulation we choose, we should be aware that any translation of the term logic operation of predicate denial into the one-place truth-functional connective of propositional (or sentence) negation cannot faithfully render Aristotle's vision. 2 The Stoic Opposition Aristotle's analysis of negation, as we have seen, hinges on the distinction between contradictory opposition, characterized by LC and LEM, and contrary opposition, characterized by LC but not LEM. Predicate denial-in which the entire predicate is negated-results in contradictory negation.

15 in Buridan 1966: 72). Indeed, someone who points to a stone and announces 'This man is a substance' speaks falsely, since the subject (this man) is empty. Moody (1953: 51) notes that Buridan and his contemporaries 'made constant use of the principle that universal affirmatives [of the form \fx(Fx~Gx)] have two conditions of falsity', namely (in modern notation), either ~3xFx or 3x(Fx A ~Gx). All unicorns are equine is equally falsifiable by the nonexistence of unicorns or by the existence of a feline one.

Rblich), is an affirmative judgment insofar as its logical form is concerned. This is the orthodox Aristotelian line. But, Frege bids us, consider a paradigm like that in (28), (28) a. b. c. d. e. Christ Christ Christ Christ Christ is immortal. lives forever. is not immortal. is mortal. does not live forever. and try to give a coherent, non-ad hoc reply to the obvious question: 'Now which of the thoughts we have here is affirmative, and which is negative'? According to Peirce (extrapolating from his answer to a similar poser), the judgments corresponding to (28a, b, d) would count as affirmative and those corresponding to (28c, e) as negative, at least within the ancient and traditional model.

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