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By Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum

ISBN-10: 0521612888

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This groundbreaking undergraduate textbook on sleek regular English grammar is the 1st to be in line with the progressive advances of the authors' past paintings, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002). The textual content is meant for college kids in faculties or universities who've very little earlier history in grammar, and presupposes no linguistics. It comprises workouts, and should supply a foundation for introductions to grammar and classes at the constitution of English, not just in linguistics departments but in addition in English language and literature departments and faculties of schooling.

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The subclass of verbs in English with the distinctive properties concerning inver­ sion and negation clearly satisfies this general definition. Most members of the class do serve to mark tense, aspect, mood or voice, as shown in [26] : [26] AUXILIARY VERB CATEGORY MARKED EXAMPLE have ii be iii may, can, must, etc. iv be perfect tense progressive aspect Sue has written the preface. Sue is writing the preface. Sue may write the preface. The preface was written by Sue. mood passive voice What is meant by the general terms tense, aspect, mood and voice will be explained as we describe these categories for English.

Does she do her best? (b) Have Have is always an auxiliary when it marks perfect tense (where it normally occurs with a following past participle). When it occurs in clauses describing states, expressing such meanings as posses­ sion (He has enough money) or obligation ( You have to sign both forms), usage is divided. Most speakers treat it as a lexical verb, but some treat it as an auxil­ iary, especially in the present tense. Those speakers accept %Has he enough money ? and similar examples. We refer to this use as 'static have ' .

We can therefore use a substitution test involving be to distinguish plain present forms and plain forms of other verbs. Consider, for example, the following forms of the verb write: EXAMPLES WITH write [9] a. They write to her. 11 1Il a. Write to her. a. It 's vital that he write to her. IV a. It 's better to write to her. v a. He must write to her. be SUBSTITUTED FOR write b. They are kind to her. b. Be kind to her. b. It 's vital that he be kind to her. b. It 's better to be kind to her. b. He must be kind to her.

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