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By William H. Brown

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This examine keeps the variation of the tactic of Case body research for the research of the Greek textual content of the recent testomony. Case body research distinguishes the phrases of a language into different types, predicators [words that require finishing touch by means of different phrases for his or her right grammatical use] and non-predicators [words that don't require such completion], and offers rigorous techniques for describing the syntactic, semantic, and lexical standards that predicators impose at the phrases that whole their that means.

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17. 6. 20. 18. 9. "sum nytwyröe weorc" 'a certain useful work'. No other examples of a numeral with another adjectival occur. B. 8. "ymb his getreowne öegn unsynnigne" 'around his faithful and innocent servant'. B. The other six examples point up an important characteristic of the noun phrase: two adjectival modifiers, neither numerical adjectives nor demonstratives, are usually coordinate. 22. 4. 8. 20. "se eca & se diegla dema" 'the eternal and unseen judge'. 23. "frecenlice wiöerwearde unöeawas" 'dangerous, perverse vices'.

14. A. 18 Visser distinguishes present participles as predicative adjunct from present participles as related free adjunct, as in his example from Bede: "& he mid Jay maestan gewinne mid his crycce hine wredigende ham becom" 'and with the greatest difficulty he got home, supporting himself on his stick' (An Historical Syntax of the English Language, II [Leiden, 1966], pp. 1070-73). 16. 11. ac bi sumum dsele arwieröelice wandigende suiöe waerlice stieran. 24. he hit him öeah suigende gessede. 18.

24. 3. 15. "on anes hwaem" 'in each one'. We also find one example each of a pronoun and a demonstrative. 22. 26. "dara hwset" 'something of those'. 3. Pronoun phrase headed by a personal pronoun The modifier, either eall or self, is adjectival. 17. 26. 13. 8. 7. 9. "for us eallum" 'for us all'. 3. "Ac eall diss aredaö se reccere suiöe ryhte" 'But all this the ruler arranges very rightly'. 8. 27. 19. "öaet hi hit selfe dydon" 'that they themselves did it'. 3. 1. Seven hundred and forty clauses, or approximately twenty-one percent of the total, have a complex verb.

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