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ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY: genuine arithmetic, actual humans, seventh variation, is a perfect pupil and teacher source for classes that require using a graphing calculator. the standard and volume of the routines, mixed with attention-grabbing purposes and leading edge assets, make instructing more uncomplicated and support scholars be triumphant. preserving the sequence’ emphasis on scholar aid, chosen examples through the textual content comprise notations directing scholars to earlier sections to check innovations and talents had to grasp the cloth to hand. The publication additionally achieves accessibility via cautious writing and design—including examples with specific recommendations that commence and finish at the similar web page, which maximizes clarity. equally, side-by-side strategies convey algebraic, graphical, and numerical representations of the math and aid quite a few studying types. Reflecting its subtitle, this important revision focuses greater than ever on exhibiting scholars the relevance of arithmetic of their lives and destiny careers.

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The product of two binomials is always a seconddegree polynomial. 178. The product of two binomials is always a trinomial. 179. The sum of two second-degree polynomials is always a second-degree polynomial. 180. The sum of a third-degree polynomial and a fourthdegree polynomial can be a seventh-degree polynomial. 181. The expression (3x − 6)(x + 1) is factored completely. 182. HOW DO YOU SEE IT? An open box has a length of (52 − 2x) inches, a width of (42 − 2x) inches, and a height of x inches, as shown.

B. c. d. √3 = 31͞2 Change from radical to exponential form. √(3xy) = √(3xy) = 5 2 5 (3xy)(5͞2) (x 2 + y 2)3͞2 = (√x 2 + y 2 )3 = √(x 2 + y 2)3 4 3 2y 3͞4 z1͞4 = 2( y 3z)1͞4 = 2√ yz 1 1 e. a−3͞2 = 3͞2 = a √a3 Checkpoint Change from radical to exponential form. Change from exponential to radical form. Change from exponential to radical form. Change from exponential to radical form. com. 3 Write the expressions (a) √ 27 and (b) √x 3y 5z in exponential form. 2 Write the expressions (c) (x − 7)−1͞2 and (d) −3b1͞3c 2͞3 in radical form.

3 −216 122. √ 4 813 123. √ 124. ■ ■ −( ) 1͞5 (1͞32) (2x2)3͞2 21͞2x4 x−3 ∙ x1͞2 127. 3͞2 −1 x ∙x ■ (p. 12) A funnel is filled with hydrochloric acid to a height of h centimeters. 03[125͞2 − (12 − h)5͞2], 0 ≤ h < 12 represents the amount of time t (in seconds) it will take for the funnel to empty. Find t for h = 7 centimeters. 165͞4 In Exercises 126. x4͞3y2͞3 (xy)1͞3 Conclusions 128. 5−1͞2 ∙ 5x5͞2 (5x)3͞2 True or False? In Exercises 140–143, determine whether the statement is true or false. Justify your answer.

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