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The procedure CAUSE OF EXISTENCE 77 What consequences does this combination of prior and accidental status have for the interpretation of existence? At once the question of dependence arises. An accident in its very notion involves dependence. It is a perfection• of some· thing else; it is inherent in something else. "' It is not something there in its own right. It requires something else to permit it to have being. It is of or in something else in the sense of being dependent upon a subject in its very notion.

See also Chapter II, n. 15. 116), " perfection are thereby extended to designate what is known through judgment. But no new conceptual content is added in the process. Nothing characteristic of existence enters into the concept. The whole content remains what was taken from the categories. The content now can be focused on what is known through judgment and used to represent it in a way that distinguishes it from all other actuality and perfection. But in itself, apart from being focused on what is grasped through judgment, the content of the concept does not con­ vey what is characteristic of the object of judgment, namely that something exists.

Tional. The regular example was man's ability to laugh. Intellect Similarly, though perhaps not quite so obviously, is the and will, at least in any setting in which they are regarded as sense different in the case of losing existence. A subject is belonging to the second division of the Aristotelian category there to lose weight or color or size. It is there to do the of quality, are readily recognized instances of accidents that are losing. But to the extent to which the subject is losing exis­ really inseparable from human nature.

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