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By Alessandro Capone, Jacob L. Mey

ISBN-10: 3319126156

ISBN-13: 9783319126159

This quantity is a part of the sequence ‘Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology’, edited for Springer by way of Alessandro Capone. it really is meant for an viewers of undergraduate and graduate scholars, in addition to postgraduate and complex researchers. This quantity specializes in societal pragmatics.

One of the most issues of societal pragmatics is the area of language clients. we're attracted to the research of  linguistic practices within the context of societal practices (‘praxis’, to exploit a time period utilized in the Wittgensteinian and different traditions).

It is obvious that the realm of clients, together with their practices, their tradition, and their social goals should be taken into consideration and heavily investigated once we care for the pragmatics of language. it isn't adequate to debate rules of language use completely within the guise of summary theoretical instruments. hence, the current quantity focuses explicitly at the interaction of summary, theoretical ideas and the prerequisites imposed by way of societal contexts usually requiring a extra versatile use of such theoretical tools.

The quantity contains articles on pragmemes, politeness and anti-politeness,  dialogue, joint utterances, discourse markers, pragmatics and the legislations, institutional discourse, severe discourse research, pragmatics and tradition, cultural scripts, argumentation concept, connectives  and argumentation, language video games and psychotherapy, slurs,  the research of funerary rites, in addition to an authoritative bankruptcy by way of Jacob L. Mey on societal pragmatics.

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Example text

Dominici is from the southern regions of France, the Languedoc, and he speaks the local “dialect” (Occitan, in reality not a French dialect, but a language, related to Catalan rather than French). While for the prosecutor, it is “natural” to use French as the official court language (“as it represents the common sense”), the winegrower’s “dialect” is merely an object of ridicule and contempt. 17 Dominici was sentenced to death in 1954, but his sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment, while the debates about his guilt continued.

Conversely, the “context of the situation” can often help us understand a specific (indirect) speech act; this may then result in simplifying the communication, as not everything will have to be stated in so many words. Consider, for instance, emotional contexts in which the interacting speakers may feel the need to manifest their feelings, yet are at a loss how to properly express them. Here, an indirect speech act may be the only appropriate way to deal with the situation. When offering condolences at a funeral ceremony, for instance, most of us will avoid getting into the “subject,” by naming the sad occasion or even the name of the person whose sad passing we bemoan.

The social client from the boondocks who expresses himself poorly, speaks some obscure dialect, and maybe is not too polite will stand a lesser chance to obtain his legally established right to unemployment benefits than does the articulate academic who (accidentally or seasonally) is out of a job. The British linguist Alex Baratta has documented the negative influence of dialect use in job application and other contexts, showing that in particular the English spoken in the city of Liverpool (called “Liverpudlian”) carries serious negative connotations.

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