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By Wayne A. Davis

ISBN-10: 0521039045

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This philosophical treatise at the foundations of semantics represents a scientific attempt to explain, deepen, and protect the classical doctrine that phrases are traditional symptoms of psychological states; mostly, concepts and ideas; and that that means is composed of their expression. This expression conception of which means is built via undertaking the Gricean software, explaining the importance of phrases to have that means by way of speaker which means, and for a speaker to intend anything by way of goal. Grice's personal formulations are rejected, and possible choices are constructed.

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29 P1: FCH/FYX P2: FCH/FYX 0521555132C02 CY064-Davis QC: FCH/UKS June 14, 2002 T1: FCH 3:54 In its inclusive sense, meaning includes implying, and involves the expression of belief either directly or indirectly. ” When the subtle direct-indirect distinction is unimportant, it would be impertinent to insist that the student implied, but did not mean, that he did not want to go. The term “means” is thus like “animal,” which has a general sense in which it applies to humans, and a more specific sense in which it does not.

As Schiffer (1972: 2–3) observed, S did not mean that Rockefeller is in debt if he was speaking ironically. Indeed, S meant that Rockefeller is in great financial shape. 9 By saying “The man drinking the martini is drunk,” S may have meant that Smith is drunk, even though he did not mean “Smith is drunk” by the words he used. As a consequence, S can be accused of having made a mistake of some sort if it turns out that while Smith is drunk, he is not drinking a martini. If S had meant “Smith is drunk” by his words, then he deviated from convention but did not make a mistake.

Therefore, Bush is acting wisely. Did Bob mean that Bush is acting wisely by anything that he said? I do not believe that we can say “Yes” without misinterpreting Bob, and ignoring the fact that he is just playing devil’s advocate. It is clear that Bob meant “Bush is acting wisely” by the last words he uttered. But that is a statement about cogitative rather than cognitive speaker meaning. It is also clear that Bob said that Bush is acting wisely. But I think it would be a misinterpretation to claim that Bob said and meant that Bush is acting wisely.

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